Whose Streets?

Photographs from the Argus Archives

Brighton has a rich history as a contested political space. Exploring the archives of Brighton’s long established newspaper BPB12 curators have worked with Argus photojournalists to select compelling images from over 40 years of local protests.

Displayed around the city and in what is now known as Brighton’s cultural quarter, in partnership with The Basement, the selection teases out recurrent concerns for residents and visitors to the city  through pictures of CND marches, student sit-ins, opposition to Fascist demonstrations, protests against tax avoidance and resistance to cuts to education funding.

Image 01: The National Front march through Brighton, Castle Square, Brighton 1981. ©  The Argus.

Image 02, 03: © Simon Dack, Brighton 2012. Chief photographer of the Argus.

Video: BBC South East Today, 2012. ©  BBC.

Where & When

Around the city and at Jubilee Square

Jubilee Square

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