Critical Image Cairo

Alternative News Agency, Ronnie Close

Critical Image Cairo considers how artists, activists, bloggers, curators and journalists have aimed to critically examine the glut of images that have flowed through and out of revolutionary Cairo. It includes work emerging from the Alternative News Agency - a set of collaborative workshops that took place in 2011 at the Contemporary Image Collective in Cairo, new video work by Cairo-based artist Ronnie Close focusing on the Ultras football supporters and examples of how revolutionary imagery has been co-opted by advertisers.

Exhibiting artists: Mohamed Allam, Salma Arafa, Ronnie Close, Osama Dawood, Mohamed Elmeshad, Rowan El-Shimi, Tarek Hefny, Nadine Marroushi, Jasmina Metwaly, Lilian Wagdy.


Image 01: Ronnie Close, ULTRAS, Video Still, March 2012. © Ronnie Close

Image 02: BPB12 installation shots © Nigel Green

Image 03: BPB12 installation shots © Nigel Green

Image 04: BPB12 installation shots © Nigel Green

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