Political Squatting in Brighton

Another Space

This exhibition focuses on Brighton’s squat culture from the early 1990s to the present, forging strong connections between the politics of space and the history of the locale. BPB12 curators have drawn together a body of photographs showing political squats – empty buildings occupied to make political points – taken by Brighton’s squatters during the past twenty-five years. The photographs suggest different ways of thinking about space to those which generally dominate capitalist culture. The images will be widely distributed throughout the festival in a free publication and displayed in the same locations they were originally made, throwing the changing face of the city into relief.

Image: Protesters sit on the upper window ledge of an empty clothing shop squatted by social activists. Titled ‘Ideal Squat Exhibition’, it was occupied to draw attention to Brighton’s high level of homelessness despite all the empty houses around town. Brighton, Sussex, England.  Photo: Alec Smart 

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Alec Smart, Squatters' Network of Brighton and Alex Casper